Swaledale gimmers sell to £145 at Kirkby Stephen

The annual prize show and sale of Swaledale gimmer lambs at Kirkby Stephen last weekend (3 October) saw an entry of 1,900 sell to a top of £145.

Leading trade was the first prize pen of 10 lambs from Messrs Addison, West Stoney Keld, Bowes, which sold to the judge Alistair Birkbett, Birkett Mire, Threlkeld.

Auctioneers Harrison and Hethrington reported a strong trade for all classes with an average of £82.50- up £12.21 on the year.

Next in the money was the second prize pen of gimmer lambs from Messrs G Calvert and Sons, Hoggarths, which sold for £140.
(Harrison and Hetherington)