Taking Stock sales diary goes live

Those of you familiar with Taking Stock will notice two chages to the site today. First of all we have a new blogger – Sarah – who many of you will have been reading content by her in the magazine. Sarah has now been on the livestock desk for a couple of months and is loving every minute of it……well I would say that wouldn’t I??!!

The other change is the addition of an on-line sales and events diary. Some of you will have been pestered by me to take part in uploading Google calendar and I’m pleased to say with a little help from some other FW staff it’s now live in the right hand column of the blog.

Harrison and Hetherington have updated their information and so have East of England Agricultural Society along with some breed socieiteis and other auctioneers. If anyone wants to upload thier dates let me know and I will email you the information. It’s easy to do and most of all it’s free!!!