Texan ranchers tap into British semen online

It seems to be the day for news of Texans, as hot on the heels of the sale of Aberdeen-Angus bull Balmachie Black Bear to Texan breeders 8G Livestock, comes news from Semenstore of the sale of Limousin, British Blue and Charolais semen to Texan breeders Bob Cummins, Hilltop Farms, and Javier Moreno.

Mr Cummins took semen from five Limousin bulls, while Mr Moreno has bought the British Blue and Charolais semen alongside semen from two Limousins.

The Limousin semen taken by Mr Cummins will be put to use in his Brahmousin herd which is a crossbred herd of Limousin x Brahma cattle establised in 1983. “My interest in British Limousin sires lies in ther potential to provide some additional thickness and muscling in our cattle.”