Texel cross hoggs top Kirkby Stephen at 214.3p/kg

A pair of Texel cross hoggs topped the trade at Kikby Stephen this week selling for £90 (214.3p/kg).


Put forward by Mr J Kidd, Briggle Farm, they were purchased by Vivers Scotlamb. 


Overall there was an entry of 1,808 sheep forward, consisting of 1,412 prime hoggs and 396 cast ewes and rams.


The annual Swaledale prime Hogg show was held in which 16 fantastic pen of hoggs were put in front of the judge.  Judge Paul Harrison of Yorkshire Halal Meats awarded his championship to a pen of fuve well made hoggs from Messrs Dawson, Kentmere Hall. They went on to make £69, selling to James Thompson for Vion Foods. 


All classes of hoggs were a further £4 – £6 a piece dearer than last week’s rise in trade, with the overall average showing a rise of 16p/kg on the week. 

 (Harrison and Hetherington)