Hundith Flock Success Continues

There’s no stopping the big money heading the way of Jack and Adam Lawson this season as their Bluefaced Leicester tup lambs continued their remarkable run with another top price of £2800 at the breed association’s show and sale at Carlisle.



CROP 425-£2800.jpg

This father and son partnership from Wigton, Cumbria led the trade at the association’s Hawes fixture three weeks ago at £11,500 where they averaged eight tup lambs at £2750 and topped the market at the breed’s Penrith sale last week at £4200.


This latest run of success by Lawson’s Hundith flock – established 60 years ago and currently numbering 40 pedigree ewes – can be traced back to the influence of a tup bought from the Kentmere Hall flock some years ago.


Now an aged tup, he cost £2400 at Lazonby and has bred “exceptionally well” at Hundith leaving some outstanding females. Two years ago the Lawsons were part of a three-way split to pay £8500 for a Midlock tup lamb at the Hawes sale and it’s the combination of the breeding of these two sires that has delivered this year’s great crop of lambs..



The £2800 top Carlisle bid came from a split deal to north Yorkshire buyers A Hutchinson, Thirsk and James Porter, Richmond. The tup was full brother to a lamb sold privately last year and whose Mule lams reached £170 at Carlisle this season.


The other Hundith lambs made £2400 to W Sutcliffe, Settle, north Yorkshire and £1850 to S Mawson and Son, Keswick.


Averages: five aged rams £192; 84 shearling rams £444; 210 ram lambs £493; three ewes £383; 11 shearling ewes £353 and seven ewe lambs £275. (Harrison and Hetherington).