The Royal Cornwall Show: Breed results




Mr WH Ley & Partners’ Holstein cow Thuborough Zenith Verey Light; res, Treginegar Dairy Farm’s Ayshire cow Pam Ayrs Dream Hawaii EX93.


Interbreed Pair

Holstein; res, Jersey.



Messrs DW, RJ, JR & SM Warren’s cow Glanmor Ring Medi; res, Messrs DW, RJ, JR & SM Warren’s cow Cardinney Saber Ashley VG89.



Messrs DW, RJ, JR & SM Warren’s cow Tredinney Jaspers Essential Essence 4; res, Mr MJ & Mrs CE Greenslade’s cow Greensfield Icy Phylis.



Treginegar Dairy Farm’s cow Pam Ayrs Dream Hawaii EX93; res, Mr WRC & Mrs JE Christophers’ cow Haresfoot Enigma Pamela EX91.



Mr WH Ley & Partners’ cow Thuborough Zenith Verey Light; res, Mr WH Ley & Partners’ heifer Thuborough Shottle Leilani 2.





A & J Benneworth’s Devon bull Yeomadon Ferdinand; res, Mrs P Lally’s British Simmental bull Chyanhal Amos 09.


Interbreed Pair

Devon; res, South Devon.



A & J Benneworth’s bull Yeomadon Ferdinand; res, Mr M & Mrs D Cowell’s cow Barton Camelia 206th.


South Devon

MR & RJ Rowe’s bull Tregondale Balti 7; res, Mr WHS Scott’s cow Grove Celandine 81.



W Pascoe & Son’s heifer Venen Pansy 131; res, Messrs FG, FJ & RP Hawke’s bull Border Lackey E37.


Aberdeen Angus

Mr IS & Mrs D Rowe’s heifer Bosullow Blacklei K280; res, Lynher Valley Aberdeen Angus’s bull Lynher Valley Elveiseliha K060.



Miss AJ Thomsett’s cow Charlmoor Harriet; res, Mr & Mrs M Mountjoy’s cow Kniver Meadow Iona.


British Charolais

Mr & Mrs A White’s heifer Balbithan Enya; res, Mr WF Palmer & Son’s bull Harviestoun Flambeau.


British Limousin

Mr J Neale’s heifer Nealford Ember; res, Mr WH White’s heifer Exmoor Elf.


British Simmental

Mrs P Lally’s bull Chyanhal Amos 09; res, Mr & Mrs SA Gummow’s cow Boarshead Grace 4th.


British Blue

Mr JN & Mrs LP Dunn’s bull Drift Domino; res, Newpole British Blues’ cow Tamhorn Blossom.


Any Other Pure Breed

Messrs A & M Austin’s Salers cow Morwenstow Jasmin 9; res, Mrs TC Blake’s Beef Shorthorn bull Stonmour Thunder Cloud 100%.



Messrs EC Haste’s British Blue X South Devon x heifer Blackbelle; res, Mr N & Mrs E Bunkum’s Limousin X British Blue x steer Jessie James.





Mr EW Quick & Sons’ Texel shearling ewe; res, Mr EW Quick & Sons’ British Charollais aged ram.


Interbreed Pairs

Texel; res, Southdown.



Mrs L Gregory’s aged ewe; res, Miss CL Moorhouse’s aged ram.


British Charollais

Mr EW Quick & Sons’ aged ram; res, Mr RC Hopper’s shearling ewe.


Border Leicester

Mrs SD Martyn’s aged ram; res, MJ & VM Vile’s shearling ewe.


Devon & Cornwall Longwool

JA Darke Ltd’s shearling ram; res, Mrs P Coulter-Smith’s ram.


British Vendeen

Mr CJ Vernon Miller’s aged ram; res, Mr CJ Vernon Miller’s shearling ewe.


Greyface Dartmoor

Miss V Pratt’s ram; res, Mrs MA Rickson’s ewe with lambs.


Dorset Horn & Poll Dorset

C & T Clarke’s ewe lamb; res, Mr M Hayman’s ewe lamb.


Hampshire Down

Mr & Mrs DC Ritchie’s ram lamb; res, Mr HC Derryman & Sons’ ewe lamb.


Exmoor Horn

Mr T Atkins & Sons’ aged ram; res, Brown & Allum’s aged ewe.



Mr DJ & Mrs MM Biggs’ shearling ewe; res, Miss CL Slee’s ram.



Mrs SP Sayers’ ewe; res, Mrs GC Adams’ aged ram.



Mr SM Reed’s aged ram; res, Mr AJ Carter’s aged ewe.


Scotch Black-Faced

Mr J Heard’s ewe with lambs; res, Mr C Mortimore’s old ram.



Mr RP Wear’s shearling ewe; Lt Col & Mrs CW Charlton’s aged ewe



Mr JP & Mrs A Woollard’s shearling ram; res, A & C Brown’s shearling ewe.



Mr R Lawrence’s ram; res, Mr MW Waycott’s shearling ewe.



Mr EW Quick & Sons’ shearling ewe; res, Mr EW Quick & Sons’ shearling ram.



Mr & Mrs C Hurst’s shearling ewe; res, Miss H Blease’s shearling ram.


Any Other Pure Breed

Norman & Vile’s Bleu Du Maine shearling ram; res, Messrs GE & EJ Nicholls’ Devon Closewool shearling ram.



Miss H Blease’s Zwartbles X Roussin x ewe; res, Miss S Stanbury’s Texel X ewe.





British Lop

Mr & Mrs J Collings’ gilt Liskeard Pride 141; res, Mr & Mrs J Collings’ boar Liskeard Cornishman 51st.



Miss A Newth’s sow Prestcombe Vega 8th; res, Miss H Loveless’s gilt Sunrise Vega.


Large White

Miss H Loveless’s gilt Portbredy Champion Lady; res, Miss A Newth’s boar Prestcombe King David 2.



WA, EJ & CA Uglow’s gilt Edgcumbe Lioness 2668; res, WA, EJ & CA Uglow’s sow Edgcumbe Julia 2370.



Miss H Loveless’s gilt Portbredy Nancy; res, Miss H Loveless’s boar Portbredy Hulk.

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