The Royal Welsh Show 2011: sheep results day 2

North Country Cheviots

Carwyn Harries’ ewe


Derbyshire Gristones

S and P Scriven and Son’s ewe; res, Mr T Chapple-Gill and daughter’s ram lamb


Exmoor Horns

R P Alford’s ram; res, Mr T Atkins and sons’ shearling ewe



R F Price’s ewe; res, D J and L M Harries and Co’s ewe lamb


Ryeland sheep

Mr and Mrs D and S Lewis’s ram; res, R A and A M and L A Howell’s shearling ewe


Coloured Ryeland

S R and K L Bradbury’s ewe; res, S R and K L Bradbury’s ram


Dorset Down

Mrs Karen Ivey’s ram lamb; res, David and Val Fletcher’s ewe lamb


Wiltshire Horns

Mr W D Edwards’ ram; res, R J Thomas and Sons’ shearling ewe


Welsh Mule

Wyn Jones’ ewe lamb; res, Joe Powell’s shearling ewe

Welsh half-bred

Eifion Hughes’ ewe; res, Mrs E A Price’s ewe lamb



Wakeham-Dawson and Harmer’s ram; res, D S and P Humphrey’s ram


Poll Dorsets

Mr Nick Burrington’s ewe lamb; res, Mr Nick Burrington’s ram


Any other pure breed

Mr S M H Reed’s Roussine ewe lamb; res, Daniel Jerman’s south country cheviot shearling ram


Bluefaced Leicester

Elfyn Owen a’I Feibion’s ram; res, Helen Whittall’s ram



Mrs Olwen Hughes-Owen’s ram lamb; res, Mrs Olwen Hughes-Owen’s ram


Oxford Down

J W and M F S Brown’s ewe lamb; res, Fiona Hook’s shearling ewe


British Rouge

Percy Tait’s ewe; res, Percy Tait’s ram lamb


Charmoise Hill Sheep

J Walsh and E Roberts’ ewe; res, R Powell’s ram



Sara Gibbons’ shearling ewe; res L and S E Hewitt’s shearling ram


Blue Texel

Miss S C Chambers’ ram; res D and J Jones’ ewe


British Vendeen

Mr and Mrs J W Durman’s ram; res, R N Howie’s ewe

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