Three Counties: Pig results



Gloucester Old Spot

Mrs J A Sims’ gilt Winterwood Princess 218th; res, Mr J W Lightfoots’ boar Pebbleford Sambo



S Westron‘s sow Choller Louise 37; res, Mr C Impey’s boar Fairoaks Ambassador 4th


British Lop

Crown Farm Meat’s sow Catrin Harmony 5; res, Lordswood Farm’s gilt Lordswood Garcious 8


British Saddleback

Messrs Edwards and Thomas’ gilt Pantysgawen Rosette 15; res, Mrs S Lomas’ sow Gaulden Manor Rose 155


Large Black

Mr P G Snell and Sons’ boar Sock Super 28th; res, S Westron‘s boar Choller Malcolm 6


Large White

Alice Newth’s boar Prestcombe Champion Boy; Res, Alice Newth’s gilt Prestcombe Beryl 2


Oxford Sandy and Black

Crown Farms Meat’s sow Dukes Duchess; res, Mrs J Hancox’s gilt Buttsfarm Cynthia 42



B V and B M Warren’s boar Courtbleddyn Glen 52c; res, Mr C G and S J Howes’ sow Stoneymoor Jacqueline 32



W Chris Jenkins’ sow Burghope Daffodil 3615; res, G W and F M Jones’ gilt Mabon Luckygirl 15


Other Modern Breeds

Alice Newth’s sow Prestcombe Vega 8′ res; Mr J Sage’s gilt Blewett Precious 5

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