Top Aberdeen Angus prices at Perth

Well after a very cold day in Perth (we now have a little drizzle and snow), I’m happy to report a good day’s trading. Angus bulls overall sold well, with five selling for 10,000gns and as reported earlier the McLaren family had yet another electric sale selling for 30,000gns – a new breed female record.

As for the Shorthorns, bulls were disappointing, many didn’t sell and only topped at 4000gns. However, females were a little more exciting topping at 5000gns.

So for all you breed enthusiasts, here’s a list of top prices from the day……….Angus males:

Messrs W and E I Brown’s Drumdow Elgar 10,000gns to Sandy Haggart.
Messrs J and W Arnott’s Haymount Wavuzzo 10,000gns to George Muir, Orkney.
John Elliott’s Rawburn Rock Solid 10,000gns to Glympton Farms, Oxford.
J F Lascelles Balmachie Franco 10,000gns to David Walker, Galcantry.
F J Fraser’s Idvies Junior Eric 10,000gns to Robert McNeil, Cancada Castle.
J and W Arnott’s Haymount Girazzo 7000gns to Terry Cghill, Orkney.
E A and M C Jones’ Rull Evitas 7000gns to John Walker, Aberdeen.
Hugh Blackwood’s Auldhouseburn Fendango 6000gns to Rory Baxter, Co Antrim.
G C Taylor’s Moncur Evan 6000gns to Andrew Shackell, Vale of Glamorgan.
W and D McLaren’s Netherton Fijian 5800gns to Moores North West Farms.
Lord and Lady Glendyne’s Hurdcott Elixier 5000gns to N Wattie, Alford.
Stuart Barclay’s Harestone Diplomat 5000gns to Howie Cairnton, Aberdeen.

Drumdow Elgar

Haymount Wavuzzo

Rawburn Rock Solid

Balmachie Franco

Idvies Junior Eric

Netherton matron sale:

Netherton Missie A114 30,000gns to John Lascelles, Aberdeen.
Netherton Blackbird B172 12,000gns to Dunira Estate, St Ives.
Netherton Fleur B199 10,000gns to Michael Sheahan.
Netherton Frances A103 9000gns to the Dunira Estate, St Ives.
Netherton Flora B162 6500gns to Michael Sheahan.
Netherton Flora E356 5500gns to John Kissok, Co Antrim.
Netherton Evita A127 5000gns to Dunira Estate, St Ives.

Angus females:

Bill and Sarah reid’s Muirhall Gastura F034 4800gns to Henderson, Sutherland.
George McFadzean’s Cherrybank Eurama F118 4000gns to George Pirie.
Bill and Sarah Reid’s Rawburn Estella B163 3500gns to Messrs Gray, Ettrick.
John Henderson’s Cardona Black Barbara 3600gns to Neil Ainsworth, Blackburn.

Mosston Muir draft from Tom Rennie.

Mosston Muir jennifer Erica C060 10,000gns to Neil Ainsworth, Blackburn.
Mosston Muir Jopsephine erica G165 5000gns to same as above to go with mother).
Beautiful Marlyn of Mosston Muir 3000gns to George Pirie.

Drumdow draft from W E and I Brown.

Drumdow Rosie E282 2000gns to David Walker, Galcantry.

Bon Lea reduction.

Bon Lea Rosebell Y048 3000gns to David Walker, Galcantry.

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