Two £14,000 bids top Bluefaced Leicester sale


(hutch)312bS web.jpgA flying trade for Bluefaced Leicester ram lambs at the breed association’s major sale at Hawes in north Yorkshire achieved a record average of £1622 – up £221 on the year. Bidding twice reached £14,000


The Hutchinson family from Redgate, Kirkby Stephen Cumbria sold a ram lamb at £14,000 to mid-Wales breeders W J Abberley and Messrs Abberley bought a ram lamb for their Old Hemley flock from the Hutchinsons at £14,000.


Other high priced ram lambs included £12,500 for an entry from Messrs Lord’s Hewgill flock at Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria (below) – who also sold lambs at £11,000, £8000 and £7000 – and £12,000 for one from the Booth family’s Smearsett flock at Austwick, Lancaster.



(hutch)187s web.jpgSwathburn flock owner G P Taylor, Appleby, Cumbria sold a ram lamb at £11,000 and topped the aged section with a tup t £13,000 (below).

(hutch)128s web.jpg R A Busby and Son, Richmond, north Yorkshire also sold a lamb from their Harland flock at £11,000.


J J and E Lawson sold at £11,000 and £7000 and a lamb from the Barf House flock of N White, Richmond made £10,000. The overall championship was taken by a ram lamb from the Ellis family at Addingham, west Yorkshire – it sold for £10,000 (below).

(hutch)596s web.jpgRipon breeders E Fairburn and Sons led the shearlings at £6000 with an entry from their Marriforth flock.


Averages: Ram lambs £1622; shearling rams £947 and aged rams £1970. (Hawes Auction Mart)