Wardle Holsteins top at 5000gns four times

Four top bids of 5000gns and an overall average of £1941 for 162 lots marked a successful sale to disperse the first part of the Williamson family’s Wardle Holstein herd in Cheshire this week – but values of younger cattle and those furthest away from profit showed signs of easing.

First at 5000gns was Goostrey Coll 225. By Kemview Vanetas Vision she is out of an Ex93 13,442kg dam by Delta Lava and was AI’d in September to Braedale Bambam. She goes to J Lomax and Son, Newcastle-under-Lyme.

Ridgefield Ghost Lee was bound for John and Doreen Loftus’ Weeton herd in Lancashire following a winning bid of 5000gns. Out of a Shoremar Milan dam and with two yields over 13,000kg she was also sold fresh from a September calving and giving 43kg.

The Wintersell Succession second calver Holepark Denise 18 also made 5000gns. She’d given over 10,800kg with her second and was AI’d in May to Shottle. Buyer was Gordon Reynolds, Cranbrook, Kent.

Completing the 5000gns top sellers was Weeton Outside Gail who has the big winning cow Steadfast C C Gail as second dam. She’d given 9500kg as a heifer and calved her second in September and goes to Evening Hill Farm, Carlisle.

The same buyers also took the second calver Actonfarm Indro Beatexus 2 who traces back to heavy milking Vallumfarm Beatexus 11 that made 7000gns at the Vallumfarm sale in 1986. She was in-calf to Goldwyn and topped 10,000kg with her first calf.

Two heifer calves made 3000gns. Wardle Talented Coll – by Talent and out of the 5000gns Goostrey Coll 225 – goes to Cameron Batey in Northumberland while Wardle Lyster Cocoa stayed locally with M and M Thomasson.

Averages: 135 cows and heifers £2055; 27 served heifers £1368 (Wright Manley).