Weather brings fast values rise

Unsettled weather over the past few weeks has pushed T-Sum values up rapidly, with many eastern areas likely to move past T-200 in the next week, says Stuart Bennett of ADAS.

Typical inland values for England and Wales are 125-160 and 100-150 for central Scotland, with the east coast of England now close to T-200.

Kemira Growhow north-east adviser David Towse says with values increasing at the rate they are, farmers would be well advised to make an early application.

“But, with the possibility of further rain in the next few weeks, small applications would be advisable.

Heavy rainfall could lead to leaching, wasting fertiliser applied and also cause potential environmental damage.”

It is far better to put on a small application now and follow this up with further applications in the next few weeks than go with one large application now, he adds.

The forecast for the coming week is for unsettled weather bringing wet and mild conditions for the time of year, says Mr Bennett.

“T-Sum values will progress rapidly with rises of between 50-80 in the Hebrides and up to 60 in the far south west. Eastern fringes will move rapidly past T-200, with much of central England and Wales also reaching T-200.”

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