Well fleshed lambs sell well at Kington

There was a good entry of 1,923 sheep forward at Kington last week, despite a slow trade the day before.

Six buyers competed for the prime lambs and cull sheep on offer with well-fleshed lambs selling well. Heavier lambs also met a keen trade with 46kg lambs from Russell Drew making £89.20 or 194p/kg.

OR and KD Roberts made £89.00 for a 50kg lamb or 188p/kg, S and M Edwards made £88.00 for a 46kg animal or 190p/kg.

Handier weights which were fleshed sold for a premium with 43kg from CJ Evans making £83.50 or195p/kg.

A 43.5kg animal from J E Gwatkin and Son went for £85.00 or 195p/kg and 44kg lambs from EM and JM Jones made £87.20 or 196p/kg. Overall the lambs averaged 187.3p/kg.

“All buyers want lambs which are well finished, so now we have some decent aftermath, do not market your lambs until they are ready,” advised auctioneers McCartneys.

The cull ewes and rams saw a slow trade with a top head price of £75 for Suffolk cross ewes from WH Jones. Overall the ewes averaged £55.81 a head.

(McCartneys )