Whitsbury Holsteins sell to 2500gns

Picston Shottle daughters dominated the trade at last Thursday’s dispersal of the Whitsbury herd of Holsteins.

However, it was a Comestar Leader daughter which sold for the day’s top of 2500gns.  This was Whitsbury Outside Tangle a fresh calved third calver giving almost 60kg a day. She sold to join Ollie Rose’s Stourvale herd.

Messrs D M and G Davies made the long journey from Llanydydder in Carmarthenshire to purchase 15 cattle including several of the best milking stock. These included a three months calved Shottle heifer giving 36kg daily at 2250gns, Wansdyke Delegate Rita VG-85 giving 52kg daily at 2200gns and a very milky ‘Shottle Contrary’ at 2150 gns.

Served heifers, due from January onwards, were a level trade, peaking at 1320 gns for an Outside daughter, bulling heifers averaged more than £850, selling up to 1000gns and calves and yearlings had good support with the best making over 500gns.

Averages; 145 cows and calved heifers £1411.70, 17 served heifers £1159.94, 27  bulling heifers £861.78, 27 yearling heifers £721.00 ( Nortona dn Brooksbank with Greenslade Taylor Hunt).

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