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Win a Tru Test EID Stick Reader and package worth £1,200

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AgriWebb's livestock management software for beef and sheep farms helps you manage everything that matters to your business’s success. Record keeping, big-picture insights, team productivity tools, compliance and assurance reports and digital farm maps, all come together in one place. 16,000 global producers entrust AgriWebb to steward more than 22 million animals across 136 million acres of land, and we also welcome hundreds more new users every month.

Fancy a new stick reader, totally free?

To celebrate one year of AgriWebb working alongside all our brilliant British users, we’ve teamed up with Tru-Test to offer a FREE XRS2 Stick Reader and one year of AgriWebb Essentials, our leading livestock and farm management software.

About our fantastic prizes:

Tru Test XRS2 Stick Reader

With this EID Stick Reader, you can  maximise individual animal performance and back up critical health, mating and culling decisions and then to view and capture animal information. 

It’s suitable for cattle, sheep and deer, the XRS2 features a large, highly readable screen and alphanumeric keypad for capturing important information from the yard.

Bluetooth® wireless technology connects your reader to your Weigh Scale Indicator and means you can easily share information using your smartphone.

EID stick reader

Annual AgriWebb Essentials Plan

See a clear picture of your farming operation with all your records under one roof, including birth, death and treatment records – to name a few – plus, upload directly into your government database of choice. 

Integrates directly with your stick reader and weigh head, so you can just scan and go to easily make crush-side decisions.

Scan an animal’s ear tag with a stick reader to view its history, apply notes or capture records at any time.

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