Ford’s nutty Raptor pickup to be sold in the UK

There’s some great news if you like wacky, over-the-top trucks, as the Ford Ranger Raptor pickup will be available in the UK from next year.

Previously only available across the pond, the Raptor has a 210hp two-litre Eco Blue diesel engine offering 500Nm of torque, which runs through the same 10-speed automatic box used in the F-150 Raptor in the US.

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The Raptor’s chassis has been beefed up to cope with the high-speed off-road challenges, with a bash plate underneath to take most of the hits and an upgraded braking system.

Interior of Ford Raptor pickup

© Charlie Magee

There are six different driving modes – four off-road and two for the tarmac – while inside there’s some fancy seats designed to give the driver extra support in the bumpiest conditions.

BF Goodrich 285/70 R17 tyres are uprated to give grip in mud, snow and sand and the sat-nav has a feature to drop virtual “breadcrumbs” when off road, so you can always make your way back home on the path you entered on.

We’re told it will arrive in the middle of 2019 and interested parties can expect to pay about £40,000 for a base model.

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