Hard Top returns with new commercial-spec Land Rover Defenders

Land Rover has restored its fabled Hard Top Defender range with new commercial derivatives.

The models are set to go into production later this year and include the option of a three-seat front row by adding a central “jump seat”, which may come in handy given the lack of passenger space.

To maintain decent rearwards visibility with the middle seat occupied, Land Rover will fit its Clear Sight rear-view mirror system, which uses a live video feed from a camera on the back to provide an unobstructed view.

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Prices are expected to start at £35,500 for the Defender 90, but bigger 110 versions will also be available in the firm’s commercial configuration. These will all offer a 3.5t towing capacity.

Both models will have independent coil-sprung suspension as standard, with electronically controlled air cushions as an option on the 110. Ground clearance is slated as 291mm and maximum wading depth is 900mm.

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