Isuzu to go electric with battery-powered D-Max pickup

Isuzu has swapped diesel for electrons in its new-look D-Max BEV, which was recently unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show.

It is the first mainstream manufacturer to offer a battery-powered pickup, though it will still have competition from lesser known makers Maxus and Munro in the UK.

In place of the grumbly 1.9-litre engine is a 66.9kWh lithium-ion battery pack coupled to a pair of drive motors – one of 40kW (54hp) for the front wheels and a second 90kW (122hp) unit at the back.

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Together, they deliver 130kW (177hp) – 13hp more than the diesel version – and a top speed of 81mph.

But for how long the BEV will sustain that output remains unclear.

Isuzu is yet to publish any official range figures, but it has a significantly smaller battery than the two-wheel-drive Maxus T90 EV (88.6kWh).

That promises a 219-mile range but, in our real-world test, delivered little more than 140.

Though mileage might be limited, carrying capacity seemingly isn’t, with the BEV said to be capable of handling a 1t payload – thus qualifying for commercial vehicle tax breaks – and towing 3.5t.

But don’t rush down to your local dealer just yet, as the vehicle won’t be available in mainland Europe until next year, with the UK and Australia following sometime later, provided there’s adequate demand.

By then, Ford will have launched its plug-in Ranger PHEV hybrid. And, who knows, maybe Tesla’s Cybertruck will have made it to these shores, too.

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