Mercedes reveals shock plans for new pickup truck

Mercedes-Benz has revealed plans to build a debut pickup truck before the end of the decade.

Initially, at least, it seems an odd sector to enter. The company’s foray into uncharted waters will see it try and take on the likes of the Ford Ranger, Nissan Navara and time-proven Mitsubishi L200, but the Germans see the pickup market as a seriously lucrative opportunity.

It would also fill one of the few holes left in Mercedes’ line-up and is proof that there’s a big demand from users for a practical pickup with car-like specifications.

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It is probably no surprise that Mercedes is planning to build something at the premium end of the market, steering well clear of a price war with the Great Wall Steed and alike.

The first pictures are of a big, curvy and blingy looking thing, but then most concept drawings are of that slightly over-the-top persuasion.

Technical details are few and far between – there’s still plenty of designing to do yet – but we’re told there will be car-level interior quality.

The final product will be built by Mercedes’ Vans division, which has had lots of recent success with its Vito and Sprinter models.

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