Advantage of tracked vehicles

IT”S FAIR to say that a large proportion of tracked machines are bought as a means of reducing soil compaction. But for some operations, where tricky conditions make access difficult, they become a necessity.

And this is what Colchester-based Cautrac hopes to capitalise on. The company imports two ranges of tracked dumpers from Japan, most of which are destined for the construction market.

Yamaguchi dumpers span a working range from a 500kg capacity petrol-powered, walk-behind machine right up to a 1600kg diesel ride-on version. All are available with a scissor-lift high-tip option.

The firm”s larger machines are sourced from another Japanese manufacturer – Morooka. The range extends from a 48hp model with a 3t capacity, right up to a 450hp 17t version.

It”s the smallest of the lot that”s going to generate greatest interest from farmers.

The MST300 dumper has potential for those with land where flooding is a regular occurrence and where feeding and checking outdoor stock through the winter can prove a nightmare.

With a 3t feed hopper mounted on the rear load-deck, slipping and sliding along rutted tracks to get to outdoor pigs could be a thing of the past.

And, even when fully loaded, it exerts a ground pressure of no more than 3psi – that”s 15 times lower than a standard wheeled dumper and less than one-third of the load a human being would normally apply.

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