Agrifac’s Python drain cleaner makes debut in UK

Agrifac-owned company Sieger has introduced a new model of its Python drain cleaner to the UK market.

Fitted with a large-capacity four-cylinder membrane pump, the close-coupled machine puts out an impressive 126 litres a minute and generates pressure of 50bar. Two hydraulic motors provide hose movement and lengths of 315m and 500m are available. It’s fitted with a narrow hose drum, allowing easy roll-on and roll-off without any guidance, and a metre counter and self-searching cleaning head is supplied as standard.

It’s designed to be operated by one man and, because it is three-point linkage-mounted, can be fitted to a fairly light weight tractor, says the company.

Options include a hydraulically operated telescopic guidance arm, electric remote controls and a four-wheel hose drive for longer lengths.

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