Agrihold launches two self-propelled sprayers

The UK’s line-up of sprayers now has yet another contender for a market many consider to be already fairly congested.

Agrihold Farm Machinery, based at March, Cambridgeshire is introducing two self-propelled sprayers which have been built in the Netherlands by Agrihold’s associate company, Agrifac (better known for its self-propelled beet-harvesters).

The new sprayers have capacities of 3400 and 4000-litres and are powered by 167hp Deutz engines driving through hydrostatic transmissions to provide a speed range of up to 50kph. In field mode, speed is restricted to 16kph.

Running gear includes air suspension and track widths are adjustable from 1.5m to 2.25m. Agrifac points out that the suspension units are positioned between the undercarriage and the main frame which, it claims, ensures that little or no movement is transferred to the main frame of the sprayer.

The result, says the company, is a stable boom with minimal sway and lateral movement.

In the sprayer department, boom widths of up to 52m are available and, as an option, pneumatically operated nozzles can be fitted along with a circulation system which ensures the boom is full at the start of spraying.

In the cab, the operator is provided with an air suspension seat and has all controls grouped on a single console in the cab.

A new computer system is designed to not only automate spray application, irrespective of changes to forward speed, but to also provide the operator with sprayer status information. This includes sprayer speed, application rate and area covered.

Prices start at £115,000, depending on specification.