Agritechnica: Great Plains shows smaller planter

Drill maker Great Plains had a smaller version of its Yield-Pro precision planter on show.

Built at the firm’s Sleaford factory, the €16,900 YPE-825A takes planter units from the big American drills and fits them to a smaller frame that folds to 3m for travelling on the road.

The trailed machine can plant eight single rows and there’s a twin-row option that ups this to 16. In single-row format, buyers have the option of four row spacings – 70cm, 75cm, 76.2cm or 80cm.

Each precision planting unit is fitted with a 53-litre hopper and seed is delivered using the firm’s pressurised singulation system. On top there’s a 1,700-litre fertiliser tank with pneumatic delivery.

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