Agritechnica: Lely updates Tigo forage wagons

Having launched the XR version back in 2012, Dutch firm Lely has expanded its 31-41cu m range of forage wagons with three new models.

The new Tigo PR wagons are designed for smaller contractors and include several features from the older models including the movable bulkhead of the Tigo XR.

Changes to the design are based around the feed channel behind the rotor, which has been shortened so that material is pressed in the wagon more quickly. That should also minimise the contact between metalwork and the crop, says Lely.

The bulkhead arrangement, originally shown on the XR version, means an extra 6cu m of crop can be transported above the shaft. This also distributes the weight more evenly so that the trailer travels smoothly when hauling on the road, says Lely.

The new 40-knife chopping system swings out without the need for any tools, too.

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