Agritechnica: Rebo rejigs a John Deere 6130


Tractor bonnets seem to be growing faster than Pinocchio’s snozzer, but this modification from Rebo takes things to the other extreme.

Starting with a standard 4-cylinder John Deere 6R, the German firm lops off the bonnet, removes the radiators and battery and slots them in a box that hangs where the right-hand steps would normally be.

That leaves a sizeable chassis section in front of the engine for mounting implements such as hedge cutters, tipping bodies and sprayer tanks. These are attached using Rebo’s own clever mounting system that bolts straight on to the Deere’s chassis. It’s also possible to reverse the transformation if the owner hangs on to the original bodywork.

The modified John Deere 6130R on show at Agritechnica complete with Mulag verge cutter had a price tag of €185,000 (£155,000).

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