Agromek: Agrophone spots pests and diseases

Spotted a weed in a field but can’t work out what it is? Then whip out your mobile phone and (provided you have the AgroPhone software loaded) it’ll do the job for you.

All you need do is to pick a leaf shape and arrangement, then the phone will show you pictures of likely suspects and suggest ways of dealing with it.

It works just the same for pests and diseases, in fact there’s a library of more than 400 pests, diseases and weeds.

The service (including an English language version) will be launched in mid-February and weather and a technical agricultural dictionary will be included. The company also plans to offer a multi-lingual dictionary to help farmers communicate with foreign workers.

Cost is expected to be the equivalent of £24/year and you’ll need a phone with a good screen and space for 10MB of memory.

Agro Phone

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