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Topper swings for work and transport

The company has developed an offset version of its Twin-Blade rotary topper.

The unit swings round to run alongside the tractor for work and back in line for transport.

A simple coil-spring set-up provides a float function so that the deck can pivot on its central mounting.

A relief valve in the swing-out ram circuit gives break-back protection. Prices start from £3400.

Twin Blade

No more cricked necks

If a vast proportion of your time is spent trimming hedges and mowing verges then you won’t be unfamiliar with a cricked neck.

To help avoid this, the latest 8m reach Buzzard has a forward cranked arm to bring the flail head in line with the tractor cab.

An additional boom fold joint allows the whole set-up to fold within the width of the tractor wheels.

Equipped with electronic controls and boom/head float, the unit costs £29,083.


Big digger

Bomford trimmers can be equipped with a ditch cleaner/gulley cutter.

Built by Herts engineer Andrew Klose, the unit is equipped with a rotating head that digs a 500mm (1.6ft) trench through soil and stones with the aid of hard-faced blades and a powerful oil-driven radial piston wheel motor.

Price for the Klose ditch-cleaner is £4000.

It can be fitted to a range of trimmers and excavators.


Does its job and cleans up as well

Bomford has teamed up with Dutch road-sweeper manufacturer Trilo to develop a hedge/verge trimmer that cleans up after itself.

The project was initially commissioned by the Environment Agency to remove all debris from mowed verges to allow wildflowers to flourish and is now being used to remove rubbish from motorway embankments.

The Falcon trimmer head has been adapted to accommodate an auger which draws the material to a central hose connection.

A fan powered by a straight-through pto drive from the tractor via the trimmer sucks the debris along a flexible hose and into the Trilo trailer.

Once full, a hydraulically-driven walking floor empties the unit. 

The price for this complex set-up is a substantial £48,000.


Right angle for banks

Following demand from roadside mowing contractors in France and eastern Europe, Bomford has launched a folding offset flail topper which can be angled to handle bank work.

Price for a 1.6m wide Turbo VM is £7650.

Folding flail


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