Amazone add twin spreaders for better fertiliser accuracy

To help arable farmers cut down on crop passes and inaccurate spreading, implement specialist Amazone is to offer users the chance to dose fields with two different types of fertiliser in the same pass, rather than spreading blended fertilisers on incorrect settings.

The German company has done this by designing a spreader to sit of the front linkage of the tractor, with the spread fan throwing fertiliser way ahead of the machine, taking into account the resistance created from the forward speed.

This means the switching of the point of the spreader is now a long way in front of the on-rushing unit to keep maintain accuracy and avoid overdosing or stripping.

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Designed in-house – available on the ZA-V and ZA-TS spreaders – the functions of the front-mounted unit is reversed on the in-cab controls, so switching off alongside a watercourse or meeting a headland is just as simple as the rear one.

As yet, there’s no indication on what the new technology may cost.