Amazone launches new spreader with weigh cell

Amazione ZA-M ProfiS

Small or medium sized farms that want a fertiliser spreader with a weigh cell fitted can now opt for Amazone’s new ZA-M ProfiS spreaders rather than having to specify the company’s higher-spec ZA-M Ultra weigh cell model.

And whereas the previous models were limited to a 2500 litre payload, the new ones have a standard 1500 litre hopper that is upgradeable to 3000 litres.

Amazone has upped the spec in other areas, too. It says the frame is now more robust and includes corner bumper bars and lighting units. Meanwhile all spreading components, hopper tips and the guard box are made from stainless steel for reliability and long life.

Another new model, the ZA-M ProfiS Hydro, has hydraulically-driven rather than pto-powered discs so the driver can control spreading rates more accurately.

Standard pto-driven discs have just one disc speed plus an optional headland limiter. This means that where the field narrows the only option is to turn off one of the discs.

With the hydraulic option, the operator can adjust the spreading rate in six sections. At a headland, for example, the disc can be simply slowed down from the cab.

Prices start at £10,500.

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