ATV-mounted snow-plough shifts muck and gravel too

The latest Warn snow-plough system, imported by Stourbridge firm Arbil, can be used for clearing yards, filling and moving medium-weight loads like gravel, chippings or muck as well as traditional snow-clearing.

Front and centre mounting brackets are available and both types can be left attached to the ATV when the plough is not in use. The front option is quicker to install and remove, says the company, but the centre mount gives more rigidity. These mounting kits are then attached to the appropriate plough base, with the blade or bucket attached to it.

Blade options include a heavy-duty straight blade for agricultural use which is compatible with the firm’s bucket attachment. This can lift 90kg and has a dump release operated from the driver’s seat. The tapered blade, meanwhile, is aimed at those mainly shifting snow or scraping cow yards and throws material further to one side.

Lifting the blade can be done either by the ATV’s winch (if it has one) or the firm’s electric-powered ProVantage plough lift.

Cost of the full kit for an ATV without a winch is about £650.

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