Brutus farm buggy has a front linkage and pto

Farm buggies are getting cleverer and more versatile, with many of them now offering some form of linkage to widen their usefulness.

US maker Polaris is the latest firm to come up with something a bit different, in the form of a front lift and pto to operate implements on its strikingly-named Brutus model.

The Brutus is powered by the same 904cc, 24hp Yanmar engine as the Ranger Diesel but this time driving through a two-speed hydrostatic transmission with a treadle pedal for forwards and backwards travel.

A pallet-sized rear load deck with the Polaris Lock & Ride cargo system is rated at 567kg capacity, and the De Dion multi-link coil suspension is designed to give a comfortable ride while supporting this weight. Up front, there is 180mm of suspension travel to cope with rough ground and auto-engaged front axle drive for when the rear tyres come unstuck.

The vehicle also comes with a fully enclosed cabin as standard with heater, windscreen defrost blower and air conditioning – real luxury for a UTV.

In basic form the Brutus is a competitor for the hydrostatic-drive Kubota RTV900. But it can also be had in HD form with electrically-powered front implement lift, with powered equipment driven by hydraulic motor, or with the addition of a mechanical power take-off taking drive directly from the vehicle’s engine.

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