Long-life GPS tracker kit helps locate stolen ATVs

Farmers wanting to keep tabs on their ATVs and other nickable items will be interested in the latest GPS tracker kit from Czech firm Nam Systems.

The working parts of the portable Tick Tracker are hidden in a waterproof plastic case that is tucked in a discreet hidey-hole on the machine, or fixed to a metal frame using the built-in magnet.

Tick tracker

The package contains internal GPS and GSM antennas, a 2000mAh lithium-ion battery that can last up to a year (when set to provide once-a-day location reports) and a receiver coil for wireless charging.

Users get a notification on their smartphone or tablet when the battery level drops to 5%.

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To extend the battery life, the GPS device can be switched off remotely and it’s possible to reduce the frequency of position updates from every 5secs to daily.

The unit also contains a tri-axis accelerometer to detect any movement that might signal a thief trying to remove the tracker.

If this is the case, it will ping an alert via GSM or GPRS signal to any toggled smartphones or tablets. Users can then check the position of the tracker to an accuracy of 2.5m.

The app also shows a history of location reports and can be used to check battery level and adjust the frequency of the alerts.

The item is sold in the UK by Backwatch Safety Products, which charges roughly £170 (including 12 months’ service).

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