Polaris adds electric Ranger XP Kinetic UTV to its ranks

A new electric model is to join Polaris’ UTV ranks, thanks to a partnership with Californian manufacturer Zero Motorcycles.

The powertrain of the Ranger XP Kinetic will pump out 110hp and 190Nm of torque – stats that Polaris claims make this its most powerful UTV to date.

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It will be available as a three-seat model and in two spec options. The Premium trim is fitted with a 14.9kWh lithium-ion battery with a 45-mile range, while the Ultimate spec has a larger battery capacity of 29.8 kWh and an estimated range of 80 miles.

Maintenance costs are claimed to be 70% lower when compared with traditionally fuelled models due to a lack of moving parts to service, and Polaris is offering a factory warranty on both the powertrain and battery.

It can be charged from either a 120V or 240V outlet, with the latter being recommended for faster top-ups. A full charge from 0% can be achieved in five hours.

As for driving modes, there are three options: standard, sport and eco, with the latter best for maximising battery range. This can also be managed on the 18cm display in the cab, which allows a pin to be dropped on nearby charging locations.

Suspension has been improved and now offers 35.5cm of ground clearance, and it will tow up to 1,134kg.

Dealers will be taking delivery of the electric UTV during next summer.


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