Polaris ups the carrying capacity of Sportsman 570 ATV

Polaris has updated its Sportsman 570 ATV with a new look, greater carrying capacity and improved reliability in harsh conditions.

The new models, which are expected to arrive with dealers in the autumn, have a bigger 18AH battery that should provide more reliable starting in cold conditions.

The battery has also been shifted from its precarious position on the chassis to a more protected spot under the front rack.

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Fine tuned

The engine braking system – always one of Polaris’ strongest suits – has been fine-tuned, too, and a new clutch is claimed to improve the smoothness of drive engagement for slow-speed manoeuvring.

The rest of the driveline remains largely unchanged, with a 567cc, 44hp single-cylinder engine running through a stepless belt drive.

The all-wheel drive system includes lockable front and rear diffs, and it still includes the firm’s novel single-wheel drive for scrabble-free turns.

Drive system

Upgraded sealed suspension bushing, improved brake lines and A-arms and a fully sealed ignition switch have also improved durability, says the company.

Steel front rack extenders are standard and there are redesigned tie-down points for mounting boxes, crates and applicators.

Total payload capacity is now 232kg and towing capacity has increased to 680kg (up from 555kg on its predecessor).

Puncture resistance

Standard models get 25in Carlisle tyres, which apparently offer better puncture resistance and have improved ground clearance by 2cm to almost 30cm.

The Sportsman is available with electronic power steering as an option, and the higher spec also includes 14in alloy wheels and dual A-arm suspension on the front.

There are also various accessories, including an audio box with 6in speakers that connect via Bluetooth and mount to the rear rack.

A winch and hand warmers are also on the options list.

Prices for the new Sportsman 570 start at £6,499.