Yamaha steps up security with ATV tracking device

Yamaha has teamed up with vehicle security specialist Datatool to add tracking devices on all new ATV models.

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The Datatool Stealth S5 device uses GPS so the ATV can be tracked worldwide. A location recording is taken every 15 seconds and uploaded to the cloud every two minutes.

There is also the option to create geo-fences around the ATV’s home location to alert a 24/7 operations centre, which then informs the owner.

Other security features include battery monitoring to prevent battery disconnection and rider ID tags which must be present when the vehicle is started.

The device is Thatcham S5 certified and retails at £249 plus VAT. However, Yamaha will waive this fee on any new model, meaning farmers will have to pay only the £99 installation cost and a £9.95 monthly charge for the operations centre services.