Biggest agricultural tyre ever fitted to Danish tractor

Tyre giant Firestone says a farmer in Denmark is the first person in Europe to be using what it describes as the biggest radial tyre ever produced for agriculture.

Kristian Kappel, who runs Brunshøjgaard Farm in Thy, fitted the Firestone 850/75R42-sized DT23s on customised rims to fit the farm’s Steiger 450 for harvest.

Manufactured by Firestone in the USA, the DT23 is designed to get the most out of the new generation of heavy tractors over 500hp.

The Kappels say they chose to fit the tyres to get better grip, less soil compaction and reduced fuel consumption. “In the past, the tractor had difficulty getting enough traction,” explains Mr Kappel. “One solution was to install dual wheels on the tractor, but since we have so many narrow roads, that doesn’t work for us.

“The lower inflation pressure of 0.8bar helps cut compaction in the top 30-40cm, which really helps the structure of the soil deeper down.”

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