Bionalan weed cutter reduces seed burden without chemicals

The Bionalan weed cutter from Lyckegard is designed to decapitate seed heads from undesirable plants, reducing the risk of them spreading.

Unlike Zurn’s elaborate Top Cut Collect machine, which uses a conveyor and hopper to collect seeds, the Bionalan simply cuts anything sticking out above the crop before jettisoning it onto the ground.

This makes the machine considerably cheaper to buy, but it does mean that timing is crucial to make sure that seeds are severed before they become viable.

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Cutting is carried out by a series of hydraulic, spinning blades that each cover about a 1m width. This means there are six units on a 6m machine and nine on the 9m model (pictured).

Models up to 6m can be powered by the tractor’s hydraulics, but they have the option of an onboard pto-powered hydraulic system, complete with in-cab control box. This system is standard fitment on larger models.

Plenty of adjustment is offered to help guide the implement as close to the top of the crop as possible, without taking a swipe out of it. This includes hydraulic rams to alter the angle of the wings and a central forklift-style mast for setting the most appropriate working height.

Wheels on either side of the wings help keep prevent the blades diving into the crop, however, these are best carried just above the ground to keep the boom running smoothly.

The Bionalan is sold by Oxfordshire firm Primewest, with 6m versions commanding a price tag of about £26,000 and the 9m model coming in at about £35,000. Four and 12m models are also available.

Primewest is well known for building and selling Cross Slot no-till drills, but the firm has also recently taken on distribution for Cameleon seeders and inter-row hoes, as well as Treffler weeder harrows.

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