Brettmeister tractor-mounted cleaner launched in Germany

We’ve all got used to giant self-propelled sugar beet cleaner loaders, often called “maus machines” after the German word for mouse.

They have become a popular purchase for UK beet contractors, giving huge throughputs and the ability to do over-the-hedge loading into lorries parked on the adjoining road.

Now, there’s a tractor front-mounted version on the market from German company Brettmeister. Its 5.3t Minimaus beet loader goes on the front of a tractor in work but is towed during transport. Rear length is said to be 2.3m.

In work, a CVT tractor, or one with a creeper box, is recommended to give a suitably slow forward speed. The 5.3m wide pickup uses fingers and rollers to do the cleaning and the total cleaning area is said to be 15sq m.

Throughput is reckoned to be 150-200t/hour. No word on when – or whether – it will come to the UK yet.

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