‘C’ Series Challengers to return to Cereals

The new “C” Series Challengers, which were first seen in the UK at last year’s Cereals, will be reappearing at this year’s event.

The tracked tractors feature a host of innovative features to further improve operator comfort and control with climate control now standard in the spacious cab.

Inside these now feature the new TMC II (Tractor Management Centre II) operating console, along with a new, clear and easy to use dashboard that displays key operating information.

Challenger’s industry-leading TMC Armrest with integral Display is now even easier to use with its new large (7in/178mm) colour screen, which now also offers full Isobus control of implements.

The TMC Display also provides all the tractor performance management, setting and operation functions with the “One Touch Headland Management” sequence now even more comprehensive and easier to use. One Touch allows operators to store 35 functions for six different machines, and replay these at the touch of a button. This sequence can now be programmed and edited on the screen, without the need to record the entire sequence again.

The latest high output hydraulic system is now equipped with fingertip switches, mounted at the front of the TMC Armrest and provides even finer control of flowrate and timing for precise implement operation.

The TopCon System 150 is now available for fitting to Challenger tractors, providing integrated auto-steer, assisted steering and guidance. An RS232 socket allows variable rate controllers to be connected into the GPS signal and coverage maps can be downloaded via a USB port.

• Cereals 2010 exhibitor information as supplied by Challenger.