Cabcam keeps an eye on your blind spots

Spare parts specialist Vapormatic has launched a new waterproof camera range to help operators keep an eye on hard-to-see machine parts.

Up to four colour cameras can be mounted on the outside of the tractor and any attached implements. These are plumbed into a 7in screen in the cab, powered by a 12V socket.

Operators can choose whether to view a single camera separately or all four in a split-screen format.

The cameras provide a wide-angle, fish-eye type view of the surroundings. That should be ideal for viewing blind spots and could be mounted on longer tractor bonnets or front-mounted implements to make sneaking out of blind gateways less risky.

Each camera also has a built-in microphone so the operator can hear any suspicious squeaks or rattles. Up to 28 infrared LEDs make the cameras effective at up to 10m in the dark, too.

A basic pack includes the monitor and one camera and costs £299.99. A quad screen and four cameras will set you back £884.70.

Vapormatic also stocks a number-plate-mounted camera. Ideal for coupling up to awkward implements, it costs a touch over £140.

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