Canadian-made Phiber accumulators hit UK shores

Sussex-based machinery dealer The Small Bale Company, which imports the Kuhns’ Mfg hay accumulators and grabbers, has struck a deal with Canadian company Phiber to brings its big bale products to the UK.

Phiber manufactures two types of big bale accumulator: the Accumulator and the Stacker, which are both powered by the pulling tractor’s hydraulics.

The former is a table-based accumulator, which trails the baler and can cope with 90x90cm, 90x120cm and 120x120cm bales.

The standard model is configured for hay and straw and can be specced with options including weighing scales, longer push and additional rollers to reduce the friction caused by sticky silage bales. Prices for the Accumulator start at £21,000.

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Meanwhile, the Stacking Accumulator is designed for 120cm-wide bales, and operators can programme the stacker to assemble the bales in heaps two or three units high.


Again, it’s designed primarily for dry hay applications and can unload at any speed from 5-20kph. A pause-to-dump feature has been added, which gives the operator the option of delaying the unloading job while making a turn. Prices for the Stacking Accumulator kick off at £34,000.


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