Cereals 2009: Turbodan trailer drier takes moisture out of grain

If harvest 2009 turns out to be as wet as harvest 2008, then this Turbodan trailer drier could be just the ticket for helping out when your existing fixed drier can’t cope.

It holds 18t of grain and uses a diesel burner and big fan to force hot air through the trailer’s perforated floor and into the grain.

There are also three vertical stirrers (with electric motors powered by a big generator on the trailer) to keep the grain nicely mixed up. Tey Farm Services from Colchester, Essex (which brings it in from Denmark) says that the Turbodan can take out 4-5% moisture from a full load in about an hour.

There are also 15t and 25t versions available. Costs range from about £49,000 for the smallest unit to £72,000 for the biggest.

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