Cereals 2014: Amazone’s 3m Cirrus drill gets a 6m big brother

If you were looking for a new drill, Cereals was certainly the place to be. Among the new models was Amazone’s substantial-looking Cirrus 6003-2C, a 6m unit that is essentially the big brother to the Cirrus 3003 Compact.

As is the fashion these days, it can now put fertiliser down the spout as well as seed and the 4,000-litre hopper is split 60:40. A pressurised tank ensures the mixture is evenly distributed as it goes down the pipe to the coulters.

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New, bigger, matrix 880mm-diameter tyres are fitted and are said to give easier running, more drive and less rolling resistance.

Also, a new Rotec pro-coulter has been designed for better seed placement, says the company, and is designed to cope with the higher speeds that are now favoured by farmers. Dickey-John seed pipe monitoring is also offered as an option.