Cereals 2014: Demount sprayer for the JCB 4000 launched

Suffolk sprayer maker Landquip was having a busy time at Cereals.

It has just finished building a smart demount unit for the new JCB 400 series tractors, with 2,500 litres on the back and another 1,500 litres on the front. Weight distribution is pretty much perfect, the company says, and both the rear demount unit and the front tank can be taken on and off quickly.

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In the cab, there’s also a new high-res 15cm display, GPS-sensed speed and manual sequential switching of up to 13 sections, plus GPS auto shut-off for each individual nozzle.

The company was also showing its Condor trailed sprayers with capacities of 1,300, 1,600 and 1,900 litres and 18-30m aluminium rear-fold booms.

Front tanks are now also fitted with a pair or mirrors looking to the left and right to make it safer for operators pulling on to busy roads.