Chafer’s nematicide applicator fits single rotary bedtillers

Horstine Farmery, part of Chafer Machinery, has launched a new Microband kit for single rotary bedtillers in response to revised recommendations for nematicide application.

Nematicide is applied on to the soil surface in front of the cultivator where it is incorporated within the top 15cm of the bed tilth. Twin 150-litre hoppers minimise filling downtime especially for higher rate chemical applications.

All hoppers can be fitted with Surefill closed transfer receivers to prevent operator exposure when filling. Metering cassettes for Vydate, Mocap and Nemathorin are available.

Metering is controlled by a heavy duty landwheel drive but can be upgraded to the new Horstine Wizard rate controller, which can be fitted to most new Horstine applicators and retrofitted to many existing applicators.

“Replacing the traditional landwheel drive with electric drive controlled by a Horstine Wizard rate controller not only eases operation but also ensures application accuracy,” says Chafer’s sales and marketing manager Rob Starkey.

Horstine Wizard comes complete with a GPS speed sensor, which registers the forward speed of the implement and adjusts the speed of the electric drive to compensate for changes in forward speed. This gives a consistent application across the field but also minimises the risk of chemical residues left on the soil surface.