Challenger MT700D gets new engine

Tracked tractor specialist Challenger has introduced three new models to its MT700D series.

Ranging from 335hp up to 382hp, the old Caterpillar engine has been ousted for a six-pot Sisu power plant in the new US-built tractors.

Challenger reckons the new SCR-treated 8.4-litre engine is more lightweight and quieter in work than the Cat version. In reality, using an engine from its fellow Agco brand is a logical move.

The change has also seen engine service interval extended to 400 hours and the maker reckons 10% fuel savings are possible.

Looks-wise there’s very little different, other than a new oval-shaped exhaust to minimise the impact of the catalytic converters on visibility.

Underneath, more durable mid-wheels are now standard and debris deflectors should reduce chipping and damage even in harsh conditions.

The company says the mid-wheels also have more durable bearings and larger bearing cups hold more lubrication oil.

Transmission-wise the hydraulic valves that control gear changes have been recalibrated, which is said to have improved comfort between shifts.

Challenger also points out that a new power strip in the cab will provide extra connection terminals for implements and other add-ons, and it has added an intermittent wiper position for those drizzly days.

The MT700D series will be available later this year.

Challenger MT700D Series
MT745D MT755D MT765D
Engine:AGCO POWER 8.4 litre 8.4 litre 8.4 litre
Rated Power* @ 2,100rpm 306hp 327hp 350hp
Max. Power* @ 1,900rpm 335hp 358hp 382hp
Max torque* @ 1,500rpm 1,451Nm 1,540Nm 1,540Nm
* According to ECE R120