Chillton launches new MX loaders

The latest MX utility loaders from Cannock-based Chillton Agricultural Equipment are designed for tractors between 60 and 120hp.

They feature booms with a square cross-section and a high strength drive-in tractor sub-frame and bracket. Hydraulic circuits are connected with individual couplings but a MACH multi coupler system is available as an option.

chilton loader

Control is via the MX Eco-pilot system (tractor joysticks may also be utilised) and an electronic 3rd service is standard with the connectors located under the cross beam out of sight lines so as not to impair driver vision.

Implement attachment is by a choice of either MX or Euro hitches. Bucket angle is shown by a simple, functional indicator

The U6 are for tractors in the 60-80hp bracket, the U8 for 80-100hp machines and the U10 for tractors from 90-120hp. Retail price for a MX U8 on a typical 100hp tractor is around £4600.