Claas to unveil new ground-hugging Disco Contour mowers at ScotGrass

Claas will unveil a new range of mounted disc-mowers specifically designed for close contour following at the ScotGrass equipment demonstration on 15th May.

The Disco Contour range differs from other Claas mowers because the disc-bed is suspended from a single pivot-point positioned at the centre of its width.

This is said to allow the mower to follow undulating ground more closely because the bed is free to oscillate in a ‘see-saw’ motion.

This ‘centre-pivot’ design is the same as that originally developed for the firm’s Cougar self-propelled mowing-rig.

Because the disc-bed is mounted in this way, downward pressure is controlled hydraulically rather than with the coil-springs used previously. This means pressure can be adjusted from the cab.

In work, the unit has a break-back function that swings both backwards and upwards to avoid any obstructions.

The other added benefit is that transport height is reduced by up to 40cm (16in).

Working widths extend from 2.6m to 3.4m (8ft-11ft). Currently these new models are only available in a straightforward disc-mower format, without a conditioner unit. 

 Model  Working width   Power requirement   Price
 Disco Contour 2700  2.6m   65hp+  £7435
 Disco Contour 3100  3m  80hp  £8140
 Disco Contour 3500  3.4m   80hp+  £9355

To see more of the kit that will be on show at ScotGrass CLICK HERE

This year’s premier grassland equipment demonstration takes place near Dumfries on 15th May. For more information call 01733 362 925 or visit


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