Clever Quadcrate improves ATV carrying capacity

Farmer William Allingham has designed a novel load carrier to make ATVs more versatile on the farm.

The Allingham Quadcrate is a fully galvanised, foldable frame that can carry different attachments to suit jobs such as fencing or shepherding.

It is designed to carry and balance bigger loads safely on an ATV and, in some instances, can be used as an alternative to a trailer over hilly or rough terrain.


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The Quadcrate is hitched to the tow ball and is kept in position via a suspension bracket held fast to the rear bale rack, but it can also be removed quickly if you are in need of a bigger trailer.  

The framework alone costs £360, but there is also a long list of extras. They include a sheep cage (£200), post holders for the front (£90) and back (£110), removable tool box (£100), wire unroller (£200) and tensioner (£90).