Condor trough-cleaner keeps your cows’ water clean

We all know that clean water is important for livestock health, but cleaning out troughs is a pretty tedious and time-consuming task.

However, Condor’s NZ-made trough cleaner claims to speed up the job significantly.

The self-priming Honda 50mm semi trash pump needs only the pump head to be filled with water to give an initial prime. And there’s no need to empty the whole trough – the unit simply sucks up the muck that settles at the bottom of it and discharges it to the ground

A 5m discharge hose is supplied as well as a 4m suction hose, and quick cam-lock connecters let you couple up fast. A tank of petrol is said to last for three hours.

The company points out that research by a number of bodies suggests that the sediment layer in water troughs can be a reservoir of bacteria, potentially toxic blue-green algae and faecal contamination from the cows themselves. It also makes the cows reluctant to drink as much water as they should.

Cost of the unit is £790 plus £113 carriage from New Zealand. For more info go to 

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